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Montblanc Perfumes: Discover Your Scent Adventure at Morina Shops





Lancôme was created in 1935 by visionary perfumer Armand Petitjean. For 85 years, the brand has strived to make women happy by making them more beautiful and offering them the best cosmetic innovations in terms of quality, science and efficiency.

Over the decades, Lancôme has spread its vision of French spirit and elegance through major innovations that have enabled it to cement its position as a world leader in luxury beauty.

The Essence of Exploration with Montblanc Perfume

Welcome to Morina Shops, where the world of Montblanc perfumes opens up a realm of adventure and legend. Montblanc, renowned for its craftsmanship, extends its legacy into the art of fragrance, creating scents that capture the essence of exploration and timeless elegance. From the adventurous spirit of Montblanc Explorer to the iconic allure of Legend, we invite you to discover your signature scent.

Montblanc Explorer: An Olfactory Journey

Montblanc Explorer is more than just a perfume; it's an invitation to embark on a journey of discovery. This fragrance, with its bold blend of bergamot, vetiver, and patchouli, is crafted for the man who is fearless in his adventures, whether they take him to the peaks of mountains or the heart of the city. Montblanc Explorer is your companion in the pursuit of the extraordinary.

Legend: The Scent of Iconic Elegance

Legend by Montblanc is a fragrance that speaks to the soul of the modern gentleman. With notes of lavender, oakmoss, and apple, Legend is a timeless scent that embodies confidence, charisma, and a hint of mystery. It's a perfume that leaves a lasting impression, making it a classic choice for those who wish to be remembered.

The Adventure of Choosing Your Montblanc Fragrance

Selecting a Montblanc perfume is a personal adventure, a choice that reflects your individuality and the path you walk in life. Whether you lean towards the adventurous essence of Montblanc Explorer or the classic elegance of Legend, each fragrance is a declaration of your unique story.

Why Montblanc Perfumes?

Choosing Montblanc perfumes means embracing a legacy of excellence and a commitment to quality that has stood the test of time. Each bottle contains a world of experience, crafted with the utmost care and precision, to offer you a scent that complements and enhances your journey.

Discovering Your Signature Scent at Morina Shops

At Morina Shops, we are dedicated to helping you find the Montblanc perfume that resonates with your spirit. Our collection, featuring the adventurous Montblanc Explorer and the iconic Legend, invites you to explore the rich tapestry of scents that define the Montblanc legacy.


Embark on a scent journey with Montblanc at Morina Shops. Discover the adventurous Montblanc Explorer, the iconic Legend, and find the fragrance that speaks to your soul. Let Montblanc perfumes be your companion on the journey of life, marking every step with elegance and adventure.